Sarah Faragher


In most of my paintings the first mark I make is an indication of the horizon.  The whole composition turns on it.  Along its edge – islands, open ocean, landforms; below it – wave patterns, tidelines, reflections; above it – sky, clouds, light.  The horizon line changes and brings in a slightly different frequency with each new painting, like the dial on an antique radio as it moves up or down, searching for both music and news of the world.  I love listening in to what that long view has to say.  Which to me is this:  horizons are places where the ephemeral and the actual meet and touch, where two complementary realms come together to form a totality.  That sense of totality of experience – completeness – is something I constantly seek, in painting and in life.  I don’t regard horizons as boundaries, but rather as far-seeing places of clarity and wholeness.

~ Sarah Faragher

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