2011 Exhibition Schedule

“2011 Invitational”

150 New Works by the Gallery’s 34 Artists

May 6 – June 26 • Opening Reception, Friday, May 6th, 5 – 8 PM


New Mixed Media Work by Dorothy Simpson Krause

July 1 - July 31 • Opening Reception, Friday, July 1st, 5 – 8 PM

“Landscape: Visions of Color

New Works by Irma Cerese

Aug 5 – September 25 • Opening Reception, Friday, Aug 5th, 5 – 8 PM


Photography Exhibit •  Guest Curator Heather Frederick

Sept 30 - Oct 30 • Opening Reception, Friday, Oct 7th, 5 - 8 PM


Naomi Aho, Bruce Busko, Irma Cerese, Lewis Cisle, Charles DuBack, Joellyn Duesberry,

Sarah Faragher Harold Garde, Jemma Gascoine, Diana Godfrey, Lou Hicks,

Bob Hopewell, Michael Kahn, Adam Kaser, Elizabeth Kelly, Vaino Kola,

Dorothy Simpson Krause, Brian Krebbs, John LeBlanc, Janet Ledoux, Rebecca Rivers

ROBERTA, Björn Runquist, Jane Ryan, Ken Sahr, Suzanne Siegel, David Smus,

Sharon Wandel, Todd Watts, Shoshannah White


Jane Ryan and John LeBlanc share unique approaches to the American Realist Tradition in Art.  Both artists are inspired by the surroundings of their lives in Maine as they respond to locations that resonate with a sense of place and home.  They are inspired by familiar locations which are the starting points for their artwork. This is where the similarity to the realist tradition evolves into their own unique styles of artistic interpretation.

Jane Ryan has an expressionistic bravura in her energetic and loose brushwork.  Her acrylic paintings are a visual shorthand of simplified and gestured brushwork with the sum of the marks creating the painting.  Each brush mark is seen as an individual stoke in its own right and also as a part of the of the overall subject of the painting.  We can see Jane’s thought process with the application of her brush marks which become abbreviations and a shorthand interpretation of the real world.

John LeBlanc works in pastel and oil stick on canvas.  John likens his artwork approach to that of a Jazz musician.  Each mark becomes a note which helps to determine the following mark (note).  Within the loose framework of his subject matter, John elaborates his marks into endless variations of pattern and color.  His subject matter is loosely rendered and it becomes distorted into amorphous shapes by his line pattern and technique.  While the subject matter is always recognizable, it does require a second look to visually understand the different areas of the artwork.  His subjects are simplified into shapes of composed color and line which have precedent over the subject.

“JANE & JOHN EXHIBIT” new work by Jane Ryan and John LeBlanc.  Hear an interview with Bruce Busko and Café des Artistes about the show. Click here.

Roberta welcoming a new artist, Sarah Faragher, while dropping off their work for the “2011 Invitational” exhibit at Landing Gallery from May 6 - June 26.  •  Roberta’s “Little Red”  has been accepted into The Maine Photography Show 2011  in Boothbay Harbor, ME from April 15 - May 7.  Her work was selected from more than 700 entries by the award winning photographer and juror, Jay Stock.  Roberta’s “Deadeyes and Lanyards” was selected for “The Art of the Boat” juried art show at the Penobscot Marine Museum in Searsport, Opening May 27 - October 23  •  Sarah and two other gallery artists, Michael Kahn and Rebecca Rivers, have been accepted into the prestigious2011 Portland Museum of Art Biennial”.  They are three of 47 artists selected from more than 900 applicants for this exhibit.  We highly recommend seeing these shows.  Our “2011 Invitational” feature’s new small works by the gallery's 34 artists which are accessible to all collectors. The gallery is also welcoming the work of five new artists to the gallery and will have over 100 new works on display.  Please join us opening night to meet our artists and enjoy their new work, light refreshments will be served.  Hours: Wed - Sat 11-5, Sun 12-5, Closed Monday & Tuesday.



Dorothy Simpson Krause is a painter, collage artist and pioneering printmaker who incorporates digital mixed media into her large scale pieces, artist books and book-like objects that bridge between these two forms. Her work is in more than two dozen museum collections, is exhibited regularly in this country and abroad and is featured in numerous current periodicals and books.  Her current exhibit at Landing Gallery is reviewed in "Art New England", July/August 2011 issue.  Krause is Professor Emeritus at Massachusetts College of Art and a recipient of the Smithsonian/ Computerworld Technology in the Arts Award and the Kodak Innovator Award. She has been a Visiting Artist at the American Academy in Rome, Harvard Medical School’s Countway Library and was the Von Hess Visiting Artist at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia.  Krause is the author of Book + Art: Handcrafting Artists’ Books and co- author, with Lhotka and Schminke, of Digital Art Studio: Techniques for combining inkjet printing with traditional art materials.

Please join us at “Portals” Opening Reception, Friday, July 1st for the Artist Talk and Book Signing beginning at 5 PM.  Krause will talk about her creative process, explain techniques and will sign copies of the trade edition of her new book, "Visions" which incorporates work from this exhibit and includes Coleridge's poem.  Landing Gallery is located next to the Farnsworth Art Museum on Elm St. 

Landing Gallery is pleased to announce the exhibit "PORTALS", a solo show of new mixed media work by Dorothy Simpson Krause from July 1 - 31 with an opening reception on Friday, July 1st from 5-8 PM.

In this new body of work, Krause was inspired by Coleridge's poem "Kubla Kahn or A Vision in a Dream, a Fragment". Her poetic mixed media work depicts a savage place where the river submerges into holy and enchanted caverns, walls, towers and architectural passageways.  These portals, lit from within, reflect the branches and illuminate the floating leaves and flowers.  Krause balances and orchestrates her large palette of photographic images, paint, drawing, collage and encaustic elements to create a layered yet seamless final image within each artwork.  She transfers monoprints onto uniquely prepared surfaces such as fresco, brushed aluminum, non-woven fabric and silver leaf.  Other works in the exhibit resemble Polaroid emulsion transfers and there are photographic acetate prints applied over heavily distressed & oxidized copper sheets.  Her ability to incorporate such a wide range of media is what makes her work so unique and interesting.  Each work becomes an artistic journey which leads the viewer deeper into the artwork, appreciating Krause's technical abilities and great talent.

Landing Gallery, 8 Elm St, Rockland, ME is pleased to announce the exhibit "LANDSCAPE: VISIONS OF COLOR", a solo show of new acrylic paintings by Irma Cerese from Aug 5 - Sept 25 with an opening reception on Friday, Aug 5th, 5 - 8 pm.


"Newagen 2"    Acrylic 18" sq.   by Irma Cerese

"Cobscook Bay 6"   Acrylic 18" sq.   by Irma Cerese

"Block Island 14"   Acrylic 30" sq.   by Irma Cerese

Color is the basis for this new body of work which incorporates  elements of the natural world.  Landscape subjects are a common ground between the artist and viewer, becoming a reference  point to experience Cerese’s primary focus of color relationships.  The inherent qualities of paint surface, color, and geometric shapes are perfectly balanced with the landscape subject so that both are seen simultaneously, each element creating a unique dialogue with the viewer.

On Friday, August 5th from 5 - 8 PM, in celebration of Rockland's busiest Art Walk of the Summer, Landing, Caldbeck, and Craft Galleries will host an evening of live music with "Blind Albert".  Enjoy the concert in the Landing Gallery Courtyard on Elm Street with Vince Gabriel, aka Blind Albert, a popular soft rock and blues singer and guitarist.  His musical styles include the blues, rock, reggae, calypso and latin music and he has played from coast to coast, garnering rave reviews from music legends and locals alike.

The three galleries and Landing Gallery Courtyard are on Elm Street across from the Farnsworth Art Museum and only 1/2 block off Rockland's busy Main Street.  The entrance to the courtyard is framed by a canopy of rare Camperdown Elms, offering a serene landscaped oasis with entrances to the three galleries that open onto it.  The Landing, Caldbeck, and Craft galleries will be open that evening with refreshments, live music, fine art and crafts to enjoy. 

Photo Credits: 1. Lynn Karlin 2. & 3. Thomas Birtwistle 4. Roberta Baumann

“Defining & Essential Lines” June 15 – July 29

Artists: Linden Frederick, Roberta Baumann, Naomi Aho, Gifford Ewing, Nancy Linkin, Bruce Brown & Bruce Busko

Lines are one of the fundamental building blocks of visual artwork. They are an integral element found in both subject matter and the process of drawing, painting, photography & sculpture in this exhibit.  "Defining & Essential Lines" explores how seven Maine artists see, imagine and create their art with the use of lines. 

Linden Frederick’s exquisite etchings are beautifully rendered with subtle layers of line that describe his subjects and the tone of light in landscape.  Roberta Baumann’s mysterious and intimate photographs emphasize curved lines.  Her photos often have a feeling of looking through a microscope and discovering new and unfamiliar worlds.  Naomi Aho’s amazingly detailed pencil drawings of bird nests are a metaphor for home, and sanctuary.  The circular nature of her nest drawings also suggests a world or larger universe of great intricacy.  Gifford Ewing uses a 5” x 7” view camera to capture coastal Maine and linear subjects.  His fine B&W photographs are hand printed in his darkroom.  Nancy Linkin’s curvilinear bronze sculptures are simplified linear forms. They have an innate sense of nature, being reminiscent of plant, seashell and other forms found in nature.  Bruce Brown’s keen eye for art is distilled into his refined photographs from recent travel destinations.  His perfectly composed and exposed B&W photographs find linear inspiration in unusual places.  Bruce Busko uses the forest as inspiration for his mystical oil / mixed media work.  Layers of tree trunks and branches exist within a palpable atmosphere, contrasting the linear subject of the forest. 

Bruce Brown

Bruce Busko

Naomi Aho

Roberta Baumann

Nancy Linkin

Gifford Ewing

Aug 2-Sept 23: "Rhapsody in Hue".  This solo exhibit by Irma Cerese includes 53 new paintings which explore the use of color as a means to develop a visual dialogue.  

Color relationships and the effects they create are the underlying foundation of Cerese’s work.  Landscape subjects become a common ground between the artist and viewer, a reference point to experience Cerese's primary focus of color.  Her work has the ability to be seen  simultaneously as landscape and abstract paint surface.  This duality holds our attention while we digest different realities of her painting.  Our minds  are in motion, switching from a once literal subject to the abstract elements of color ,paint  surface,  gesture and composition.  

Cerese received her formal training at the Academy of Art and the School of the Art Institute, both in Chicago, IL.  She maintained a studio in New York City until 1985 and her paintings are in numerous private, corporate and institutional collections in the United States and Europe.  Currently her principal affiliation is with Landing Gallery in Rockland, Maine.  Meet the artist at the opening reception, Friday, Aug 3, 5-8p.m.  Hours, Mon-Sat 11-5, Su 12-5

 "Philbrook Farm XXV" 12" x 12"


Please find the press release for our new exhibit.  Bruce Brown is the guest curator and the show promises to be a very interesting mix of printmaking works.  "This exhibit exemplifies Maine’s lively printmaking community today with up to the minute print projects selected from presses in Gardiner, Hope, Portland, and Damariscotta as well as several artists’ private studios".


30 Maine printmakers present up to the minute prints in "Pressing On" opening at Landing Gallery, 8 Elm Street, across the street from the Farnsworth Museum in Rockland, Thursday, September 27th with a public reception for the artists set for the First Friday Art Walk on October 5 from 5-8 p.m. The exhibit continues through October 28.


The exhibition is designed to call attention to Maine's lively and ever-growing printmaking community according to Bruce Brown, CMCA curator emeritus, who organized the exhibition. "Fine art presses are alive and well in Maine and growing in numbers in recent years," Brown contends.


Circling the Square Fine Art Press established in 2007 in Gardiner is represented by members Karen Adrienne, Martha Briana, Jeffery Chapman, Russ Gilchrist, Diana McFarland, Donna Parkinson, Ellen Roberts, Sarah Vosmus, and Barbra Whitten.  One of a Kind Printmakers, organized in the same studio in 2011, includes Corliss Chastain, Christine Higgins and Kris Sader. All are exhibiting a series of collaborative prints in which each paired up to respond to a specific work created by the other.


Tim Higbee represents his Hope Editions studio, opened in the town of Hope in 2008, with a lithograph and an etching.  Midcoast Printmakers Inc. in Damariscotta, also begun in 2008, features work by members and friends Debra Arter, Frances Hodsdon, Cindy McGuirl, and Sandy Wadlington.  The rapidly growing Pickwick Press of Portland, established in 2009, includes work by a talented group of emerging artists Kristin Fitzpatrick, Clint Fulkerson, Jeff Hoffman, Norah Maki, Pilar Nadal, Irina Skornyakova and David Twiss.


Susan Amons of Biddeford, Jane Banquer of Peak's Island, Nancy Davison of Ogunquit, Meg Brown Payson of Freeport, and Kyle Bryant and Henry Wolyniec who work in private studios in Portland complete the roster of participants.


“Print Exchange #2"   by Ellen Roberts,  Monotype

"A Day at the Beach"  by Russ Gilchrist,  Monotype

"Constallation Code: 26 (aabkn)" by Meg Payson Brown,  Hand Colored Lithograph

"Armor I"  by Cynthia McGuirl,  Copper, Etching, Waxed Linen

"Long Legged Sandpipers III"  by Sue Amons,  Monoprint

Design:  Michael Vickery 3D Printed by MicroFactoryUSA, Rockland, ME

Landing Gallery is featured in the Bangor Daily News.  Take a look: http://bangordailynews.com/2013/06/08/news/rocklands-status-as-art-and-cultural-center-continues-to-grow/

The “2013 Invitational” exhibits work by 30 artists with over 100 new works in a show that runs through June 9. Exhibiting artists are Naomi Aho, Susan Amons, Roberta Baumann, Robert Birbeck, Bruce Busko, Irma Cerese, Megan Cafferata, Lewis Cisle, Gifford Ewing, Sarah Faragher, Kristin Fitzpatrick, Diana Godfrey, Michael Kahn, Brian Krebs, Dorothy Simpson Krause, Monique Lazard, Nancy Linkin, Janet Ledoux, David Riley Peterson, Isabelle Pelissier, Rebecca Rivers, Ellen Roberts, Björn Runquist, Ken Sahr and Suzanne Siegel.

1st Place Maine Entry by Mary Collins "American Icon #1"

“Bird III” by Roberta Baumann

Ron DeFelice “Relentless “

Sarah Faragher “Penobscot Bay From Duck Trap Mountain”

Janet LeDoux“ Donna’s Hideaway”

“Island Waterways” by Monique Lazard  Oil 30” sq

“The Island Ambulance” by Janet LeDoux  Oil 10” sq

“Springtime” by Elizabeth Kelley  Oil 24” sq 

“Watermelon” by Ken Sahr  Oil 66” x 50”

“Cupcake” by Ken Sahr  Oil 16” sq

“Linear Study in Motion” by Nancy Linkin  Bronze 5” x 19”

On Friday, July 5th, Landing Gallery at 8 Elm St, Rockland will have an artists opening reception for two new exhibits, “MAINE LANDSCAPE PAINTERS” in the first floor gallery and “PERSONAL PERSPECTIVES” in the Mezzanine Gallery.  Both exhibits will be open through July 28th with the artists reception from 5-8PM during the Arts in Rockland, First Friday Art Walk, July 5th.

The “MAINE LANDSCAPE PAINTERS” show exhibits 55 new paintings by Lewis Cisle, Sarah Faragher, Elizabeth Kelley, Brian Krebs, Monique Lazard, Janet LeDoux, Bjorn Runquist, Rebecca Rivers & Suzanne Siegel.  The focus is landscape and seascape subjects by artists who live and paint in Maine.  Coastal & shoreline subjects merge with fields and mountains in various mediums ranging from oil, acrylic, watercolor, charcoal and etching.  There is a strong architectural presence in the work featuring quintessential Maine cottages, capes, barns and shacks which contrast beautifully with the organic forms of nature.  The work of each artist demonstrates development of a strong personal vision, making this exhibit amazingly varied in technique and interpretation.

The “PERSONAL PERSPECTIVES” exhibit in the Mezzanine Gallery shows new sculptures by Nancy Linkin & Isabelle Pelissier along with new paintings by Diana Godfrey & Ken Sahr.  Those familiar with Nancy Linkin’s hammered bronze sculptures will notice that her new work has more complex curvilinear shapes.  Much like a musical score, her sculpture has a crescendo of form, culminating in a central tour de force of movement, balanced with delicate, tapering, linear ends.  Isabelle Pelissier’s welded steel sculptures are abstract references to nature and growth patterns in plants.  Her use of color becomes a counter point to seemingly familiar natural forms of the sculpture.  Diana Godfrey’s abstract acrylic paintings have the essence of Maine landscape redefined.  Sometimes capturing the feel of granite and ledge, at other times, the place where ocean and rock merge.  Her paintings are open to interpretation and invite one to find their own place within the texture of paint and collage.  Ken Sahr’s large oil paintings of Hawaiian Shirts are fresh from the University of Maine Art Museum, where they were among the juried 34 artists work selected for the prestigious “I-95 Triennial 2013”.  His larger than life depiction of ordinary objects, shirts and cupcakes, transcends the subject into an exceptional aesthetic moment. 

We hope that you will be able to attend the artists opening receptions and meet the artists.  We will look forward to seeing you in the galleries.  Gallery hours: Tue – Sun 11-5, closed Mon.  FMI Please call the gallery at 207 594-4544.    


“Bits to Its: 3D Printed Sculpture” continues through June 16.  The Maine FabLab Juried Sculpture Exhibit has juried entries from around the world. The Best in Maine award went to Mary Baldwin Collins of Rockport, for her piece, American Icon #1.

New Harbor #2

Martinsville #5

Landgrove #4

“Shoots of Spring” collage 5x6

Ellen Roberts  “Autumn Tinge” collage 22x22

“Water Myths” collage 15x15

Kristin Fitzpatrick “Remerge Series”  Cyanotype

2013 WINTER GALLERY HOURS     Fri. Sat. 11 - 5   Sun. 12 - 5    *or happily by appointment

   Art and Craft by 30 Gallery Artists

30 gallery artists display ceramics, blown glass, paintings, photographs, drawings & sculptures.  Featured artists are Naomi Aho, Susan Amons, Roberta Baumann, Robert Birbeck, Derryll Brudzinski, Bruce Busko, Steven Carpenter, Irma Cerese, Lewis Ciscle, Ron Defelice, Gifford Ewing, Sarah Faragher, Kristin Fitzpatrick, Harold Garde, Michael Kahn, Brian Krebs, Elizabeth Kelley, Dorothy Simpson Krause, Monique Lazard, Nancy Linkin, Janet Ledoux, David Riley Peterson, Isabelle Pelissier, Patrick Pierce, Ellen Roberts, Björn Runquist, Suzanne Siegel, Robert Stebelton, Liliana Thelander & John Wood.

Raku Lided Jars by Derryll Brudzinski $300

Ceramic Dory by David Peterson $350

Raku Lided Jars by Derryll Brudzinski $150 ~ $400

Stitched Drawing Collages by Ellen Roberts $200,  Art Glass Spheres $145 & $165

Bronze Wall Sculpture by Nancy Linkin  $1,900

Stitched Drawing Collage by Ellen Roberts $200, Art Glass Sphere $145

“Maine Coast Rocks” Etching Ink on Beach Rock $15


25  Gallery Artists


Landing Gallery 8 Elm St, Rockland opens it’s 2014 season with the “2014 SEASON INVITATIONAL” May 2 – June 1

25 gallery artists will exhibit over 150 new works with a focus on small works that are accessible to all collectors and the show will fill the Main Floor and Mezzanine Galleries.  Landing Gallery is welcoming the work of seven new artists this year, Bonnie D’Abate (colored pencil on paper), Kelsey Floyd (Xerox transfer), Pat Hardy (water color), Ralph Hassenpflug (B&W silver photography), Jared Martin (digital, encaustic, photography), Edward Rabinowitz (water color) and Liliana Thelander (oil).

We look forward to seeing you in our gallery.  Spring gallery hours: Weds – Sun 11-5, closed Mon & Tues.  FMI Please call 207 594-4544 or visit www.LandingArt.com.

Artists: Naomi Aho, Susan Amons, Roberta Baumann, Robert Birbeck, Bruce Busko, Irma Cerese, Lewis Cisle,  Bonnie D’Abate, Gifford Ewing, Sarah Faragher, Kristin Fitzpatrick, Harold Garde, Diana Godfrey, Pat Hardy, Ralph Hassenpflug, Bob Hopewell, Michael Kahn, Elizabeth Kelly, Dorothy Simpson Krause, Brian Krebs, Monique Lazard, Nancy Linkin, Janet Ledoux, Jared Martin, Isabelle Pelissier, Patrick Pierce, David Riley Peterson, Edward Rabinowitz, Ellen Roberts, Björn Runquist, Ken Sahr, Suzanne Siegel, Robert Stebelton, Liliana Thelander

“Respite” by Ellen Roberts  Collage/Monotype 30” sq  $475

 “Clear and Cold” by Bjorn Runquist  Oil 4”x 8  $400

 “The Way It Started” by Kelsey Floyd Xerox Transfer 19” x 12”  $550

 “Thomaston Harbor” by Bruce Busko Oil/Mixed Media 40” x 40”  $3000

“Balancing Act III” by Robert Stebelton  Acrylic 36” x 48”  $4500

“Seed No. 25” by Bonnie D’Abate  Colored Pencil 30”x22”  $1000

“Afternoon light Mount Desert  Island from the landing, Sullivan” oil/panel  10”x22”  $500

Sarah painting at Marshall Point, Port Clyde

“Turn of the tide, view to Brackett’s Channel, from Pendlepoint, Islesboro  oil/panel  10”x22”  $500

“Wind on the water, the Camden Hills from Bear Island”  oil/canvas 20”x28”  $2400

“Two islands off Marshall Point, Port Clyde”  oil/canvas  18”x18”  $750

“Surf at Seawall, Mount Desert Island”  oil/panel  12”x16”  $500


Extended thru October
Opening Reception, Friday, June 6th  5-8pm

“Waves on the bar, Barred Island Preserve, Deer Isle”  oil/canvas 22”x46”  $2000

“Tide Pool,Tennis Preserve, Deer Isle”  oil/canvas   30”x36”  $2000

“Ledges, Islands, Pendleton Point, Islesboro”  oil/panel   22”x10”   $500

“View south west from Caterpillar Hill, Sedgwick”  oil/panel  7”x5”  $250

“Rising tide, Hupper Island, Port Clyde”  oil/canvas  13”x13”  $400

“Harbor light, Islesboro”  oil/panel  18”x12”  $500

“Morning light on Champlain, Mount Desert Island, from Dixon Point, Winter Harbor”  18”x24”  $900

“Tide surge, McClellan Park, Milbridge”  oil/canvas  10 ”x 8”  $300

TO SEE MORE OF SARAH’S PAINTINGS, CLICK HEREhttp://web.me.com/robertabg/Site/Sarah_faragher_1.html

“High tide, granite ledges, Sand Beach, Stonington” oil/panel, 12” x 18”   $500

“Afternoon clouds, from Long Ledge, Islesboro” oil/panel, 6” x 6” $250

“Islands off Flye Point, Brooklin, Maine”  oil/canvas, 10” x 20”  $500.

“Afternoon light, ledges, Marshall Point, Port Clyde” oil/canvas, 20” x 16”  $750.

“Stormy morning, view east from Pendleton Point, Islesboro”  oil/panel, 16” x 20”  $750

“Piggy’s Point, from the Harbor House, Bear Island, Maine”  oil/panel, 10” x 22”  $500

“Surf beyond the tide pool, McClellan Park, Milbridge, Maine” oil/panel, 12” x 18”  $500

“November, East of Marshall Point, Port Clyde” oil/canvas  20”x16” $750

“The Ladle, South Addison, Maine”  oil/panel, 9” x 12”  $350

“Seaweed, ledges, Marshall Point, Port Clyde”  oil/panel, 12” x 16”  $500

“Fog bank over Islesboro, Maine”  oil/canvas, 10” x 14”   $350

“Bright fog, East Shore Drive, Islesboro”  oil/canvas, 13” x 13” $400

“Ledges near North Beach, Great Spruce Head Island”  oil/canvas, 12” x 20”  $500

“Foggy morning, Thrumbcap, Islesboro” oil/panel, 18”x12”  $500.

“Blue day, islands off Marshall Point, Port Clyde”oil/canvas, 10” x 20”   $500

“Tide surge, Pendleton Point, Islesboro”  oil/canvas, 10” x 8”  $300

Extended thru October






Please join us in the gallery and meet Björn and David, this Friday, July 4th from 5-8 PM for our Opening Reception during

Rockland’s First Friday Art Walk.

Tenants Harbor Halls Market 16x20 oil on linen  $2400

January While Walking the Dog 16x20  oil on linen  $2400

Study For Rockland January Thaw 8x10 oil on linen  $800

The Dead Spruce 11x14 oil on canvas $1000

One Morning in May 16x20 oil on canvas  $2400

Björn Runquist is a beloved plein air painter who has been painting in the mid coast area for almost 30 years.  Björn is interested in capturing the effects of light and atmosphere while painting out–of-doors.  Local subjects seem familiar but extraordinary with unusual view points and the magic of his interpretation of Maine’s special light.

“For me, making things is inseparable from living.  What I choose to make is a function that inspires me and how I respond to “ordinary” life.  Sometimes that response is to make an object, sometimes a haiku, sometimes to whistle.  Usually my response is to paint since the sensual, physical, nature of paint seems to speak to something deep in me as a means for exploring my response to life.  The “ordinary” can range from a sunrise, if I’m up early, to the sun shining off a delivery truck parked at the corner.  It doesn’t matter: it is all life and within the commonplace there is often “all the wonder one needs”.  This winter and spring I have started each day with a response to the morning as seen across Wheeler Bay. It is the same view each day and though its familiarity should make one blind to its beauty I find it always a wonder, no matter what the weather.  It is the start of each day and a new beginning.  From there the day evolves and further painting that day is nearly always an unanticipated engagement.  The subjects vary: there are things I return to and there are things I paint only once.  But, at the core is the ever-present force of light as the source of all we see, indeed, at the source of life itself – the source of each day’s new beginning.”  -  Björn Runquist


David Riley Peterson has been a ceramic artist since he received his BFA in (Ceramics/Sculpture) from the University of Florida.  While vacationing at his family home on Vinalhaven, a couple of years ago, David was inspired by the beauty of the harbor that was filled with boats.  At the time, he was throwing traditional ceramic pots, vases, platters, etc.  His new idea was to make boats out of clay.  These ceramic boats have been his focus for a few years and their success has kept him very busy.

“So, how did this all start? Not far from where you are standing, there is an island 12 miles due east called Vinalhaven.  I grew up there and in my time, these boats were common along the

coast. Now, only a hand-full remains, still proud and begging for a good workout.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I love making them. 

The boats displayed at Landing Gallery are made from the oldest material on earth…clay.  Many of the boats you see are fashioned after Maine’s most iconic watercraft. You may recognize a few of these once popular and now mostly BY-GONE boats. Both the Dory and the Pea-Pod and the little known Smithy were the Ford F-150’s of their day. These workhorses were rowed, sailed and towed along the coast and used for both hauling and fishing lobsters, herring, Cod, Mackerel and other ground fish as well as hauling nets and gear for fisherman. These boats were rugged, dependable and home made from local woodlots of Spruce and Oak.  In a way the boats you see here are pretty tough in there own rite. They are made from Stoneware clay and fired to over 2,200 F. No two boats are alike since there is no use of a mold, kit or plan. It all starts with a thought then a simple scribble then the clay is rolled out and cut to shape and then assembled.  As the work progresses the boat takes it’s initial shape and begins to develop its own unique personality and character. From this point forward the boat takes over.

I have taken some artistic license in my interpretation of how the boat should end up. In many cases I love to interject some playful aspect into its personality.  This process allows each boat to be one of a kind and have it’s own unique personality.”  -  David Riley Peterson

Large Dory/Rivets  18”x5” stoneware ceramic $475

Large Dory/Rivets  18”x5” stoneware ceramic $475

Large Dory  19”x5” stoneware ceramic $275

Large Dory  13”x3” stoneware ceramic $175

Fantasy Boat  9”x3” stoneware ceramic $225

Large Dory/Rivets  18”x5” stoneware ceramic $475

Björn Runquist & David Riley Peterson

“CHABLIS 4” acrylic on canvas  30” x 30” $1800

“NOVA SCOTIA 4”  24” x 24”  $1200

The landscape paintings in this exhibit border on the abstract. Cerese’s work has the ability to be seen simultaneously as both representational and nonfigurative, achieving a perfect balance between realism and abstraction. Color is the primary focus of Cerese’s painting. Color relationships and the effects they create are the underlying foundation of Cerese’s work. The paintings in this exhibit explore the use of color, engaging the viewer, as a means to develop a visual dialogue.

Cerese received her formal training at the Academy of Art and the School of the Art Institute, both in Chicago, IL. Irma’s paintings are in numerous private, corporate and institutional collections in the United States and Europe. This will be Irma’s eleventh solo show in Rockland, Maine.

CLICK HERE TO SEE ALL 54  IMAGES AND IRMA’S BIO http://web.me.com/robertabg/Site/Irma_Color_Vision.html

Aug 1 - Sept 28





" New Work & New Artists", a group exhibit.  Eleven of Maine's talented fine artists exhibit their most recent paintings, drawings & photographs, many of which show a new creative direction.  Bonnie D’Abate, Susan Amons, Roberta Baumann, Lewis Cisle, Sarah Faragher, Ralph Hassenpflug, Monique Lazard, David Riley Peterson, Ellen Roberts, Marcia Sewall and Suzanne Siegel, are included in this exhibit.  Please join us and enjoy some new and exciting work by some of your favorite artists.

“Grey Morning, Islesboro, ME” by Sarah Faragher, Oil 10” x 22”,  $500

“Bouquet, Olson House” by Roberta Baumann, Photograph 8” x 10”,  $350

“Grand Blue Dory”  by David Riley Peterson, Ceramic 21.5”L X 7.5”H, $450

409 Main STREET • ROCKLAND • MAINE • 04841 • 207-239-1223



STILL LIFE  four Maine Plein Air Painters

Daniel Corey   •  Sarah Faragher   •  Monique Lazard   •  Björn Runquist

This show has been extended through March, 2016.

Join us for the artists’ opening reception for “STILL LIFE” on Friday, November 27th, from 5-8 PM.  “STILL LIFE” is an exhibition of new paintings by four of our Maine, Plein Air Painters; Daniel Corey, Sarah Faragher, Monique Lazard and Björn Runquist. 

Have you ever wondered what a Plein Air Painter paints when weather conditions do not allow the artist to paint outdoors?  Interiors and still life subjects are some options and they can range from food, to flowers in a vase, to pots in the kitchen sink.  Inspirational possibilities for paintings are boundless.  Painters look for colors, values and shapes to compose their paintings and there are no subject limitations to what artists perceive as interesting or beautiful.

Daniel Corey recently won two awards, People’s Choice Award and Second Place, at a statewide exhibition titled “Art In Maine”.  It was held at the Boothbay Regional Art Foundation and juried by Connie Hayes. 

Sarah Faragher has been the Artist in Residence at Acadia National Park during October/ November this year.  Some paintings from this Residency will be exhibited at Landing Gallery during her during her solo show in June 2016. 

Monique Lazard’s 2015 awards include Artistic Merit Award for the 6th annual “Nature and Wildlife Exhibit” at the St. Augustine Art Association and a Certificate of Merit Award for “Paint Me Miami” held in Miami, FL.  Her work is included in Spectrum Miami during Art Basel in December and she was juried into the Chalkhill Artist Residency in Healdsburg, CA during July. 

Björn Runquist has recently returned from a September painting trip to France.  His well known plein air paintings have been a fixture in the Mid Coast area for decades and he exhibits throughout Maine, Connecticut and New York. 

The exhibit will continue through December 24th, gallery hours are TUES – SAT, 11-5, closed on SUN & MON. 

FMI call 207 239-1223 and please like us on Facebook.

1. "Fireside Chat" by Daniel Corey  12" x 12" Oil/Canvas  2. "All the Donuts" by Daniel Corey 16" x 20" Oil/Canvas  3. "Thats Bananas" by Daniel Corey  8" x 10" Oil/Canvas

1.  Fresh Today by Björn Runquist  12" x 16"oil/canvas     2.  Gesture by Björn Runquist  8" x 10" oil/canvas

3.  Black Eyed Susans & Snap Dragons by Björn Runquist  8" x 6" oil/canvas    4.  Flamenco by Björn Runquist  8" x 10" oil/canvas

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