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Opening Reception, Friday, June 5th  5-8pm
In our new location  •  409 Main St. •  Rockland

Fall view to Castine, from Fletcher Hill, Stockton Springs, ME

oil/canvas, 8” x 8”, 2012, $350

Morning view to the Barred Islands, from Bear Island, Maine oil/canvas, 10” x 18” 2014, $500

Sailing, Stonington, Maine oil/canvas, 12” x 12”, 2014, $450

Morning view to Bois Bubert Island, Steuben, Maine oil/canvas, 20” x 20”, 2014, $900

Fall view to Mount Desert Island, from Fletcher Hill, Stockton Springs, Maine

oil/canvas, 8” x 10”, 2014, $350

Islands east of Pigeon Hill, Steuben, Maine oil/panel, 12” x 16”, 2010, $500

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New Paintings ~ Solo Exhibit

Opening Reception, Friday, July 3rd  5-8pm

New location  •  409 Main St. •  Rockland

Himinglaeva  8” x 10”  oil on canvas  2015  $850

Getting Ready, Spring  16” x 20”  oil on canvas  2015  $2,400

Bára  30” x 40”  oil on canvas  2015  $5,400

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Artist Statement: These paintings are not “marine scapes” so much as portraits of crashing waves, almost like characters in a story,  based on plein-air studies.  I found Norse mythology a rich resource for the names of these different characters

In Norse mythology the sea gods Aegir and Rán preceded all others.  They had 9 daughters who all represented different kinds of waves.  They were:

Bára (or Drönn) – foam flecked wave

Blódughadda – (the one with bloody hair – the color of red sea foam after a battle)

Bylgia - (billow or big wave)

Dúfa – the pitching wave

Himinglaeva – the clear wave that reflects the sky or light

Hefring – The surging wave

Hrönn -  the grasping wave

Kólga – the chilling wave

Unn - wave


New Paintings ~ Solo Exhibit

Opening Reception, Friday, Aug 7  5-8pm

(New location)     409 Main St. •  Rockland

Irma has always been fascinated with color and her primary interest in painting is focused on color relationships.  Her work has the ability to be seen simultaneously as landscape and abstract paint surface.  This perception of her work creates a duality which holds our attention while we digest different realities of her painting.  She strives to produce a compelling visual experience in its own right, rather than convey information or illustrate an idea.

She received her formal training at the Academy of Art and the School of the Art Institute, both in Chicago, IL. Irma maintained a studio in New York City until 1985 and her paintings are in numerous private, corporate and institutional collections in the United States and Europe.  Currently her principal affiliation is with Landing Gallery in Rockland, Maine.


Ihme Roloven

La Crosse 4

Bredstedt 2

Prince Edward Island

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Nova Scotia 26

Nova Scotia 29


Landing Gallery, 409 Main Street in Rockland is pleased to announce a new exhibit, “REFLECTIONS”, opening on Friday, October 2 – 31.  This exhibit is a two person collaboration of new work by Dorothy Simpson Krause and Merike van Zanten.  The artists will give a gallery talk on Friday, October 2nd at 4:30PM, preceding the artists’ opening reception, 5 – 8 PM.


Dorothy Simpson Krause is a well known painter, collage artist, print maker and Professor Emeritus at Massachusetts College of Art.  Her work has received numerous awards and is in the collection of more than thirty museums and public art installations.  Dorothy uses an image layering technique to build a complex and dynamic mixed media artwork.  Pigment transfer prints with aluminum, steel, canvas and encaustic are combined in various ways to complete each work.  “My work embeds archetypal symbols and fragments of image and text in multiple layers of texture and meaning.  My art-making is an integrated mode of inquiry that links concept and media in an ongoing dialogue – a visible means of exploring meaning.”


Merike van Zanten is a mixed media artist. Her work is found in private press books and in museum, university and private collections. Her work in this exhibition uses a process known as Eco printing.  It is the process of making leaf prints on different papers or fabrics using heat and pressure.  Van Zanten also expands on the Eco printing process by combining prints with other natural materials like small branches, natural dyes and natural fabrics.  There is no use of commercial paint or ink which makes her work environmentally friendly.  Her work is inspired by and created with organic materials from Mother Nature.  “I like working with natural materials, found objects and metals.  Usually I don’t have a plan, and let the materials take me to places known and unknown and vice versa.”


“Artist’s possess a mirror like ability to interpret our world in different ways.  Our individual sense of vision becomes a unique filter, distilling essential and favorable details that become our inspiration and response to nature.  Through our creative experience and the art that follows, we can express our personal, soul filled, feelings.  Art becomes a reflection, a manifestation of our unique personal lens that others can see, interpret and appreciate.” ~ Bruce Busko, President, Landing Gallery ~ FMI or 207 239-1223

"Eucalyptus & Wild Grasses" by Merike Van Zanten  12" x 12"  Eco Print on Cotton & Wool

"Autumn"  by Merike Van Zanten  20" x 20" Red Leaves Felted into Merino Wool on Silk, Overprinted w/fresh Leaves & Saggar-Fired Porcelain Pieces

"Fern & Eucalyptus"  by Merike Van Zanten  6" x 6"  Eco Print on Cotton

"Shadows"  by Dorothy Simpson Krause  20" x 20"  Pigment Print on Canvas with Encaustic on Canvas

"Barren"  by Merike Van Zanten  20" x 20" ECP Printed Silk Under Leaves & Twigs Felted into Merino Wool on Silk,  Saggar Fired Porcelain Rods


STILL LIFE  four Maine Plein Air Painters

Daniel Corey   •  Sarah Faragher   •  Monique Lazard   •  Björn Runquist

This show has been extended through March, 2016.

Join us for the artists’ opening reception for “STILL LIFE” on Friday, November 27th, from 5-8 PM.  “STILL LIFE” is an exhibition of new paintings by four of our Maine, Plein Air Painters; Daniel Corey, Sarah Faragher, Monique Lazard and Björn Runquist. 

Have you ever wondered what a Plein Air Painter paints when weather conditions do not allow the artist to paint outdoors?  Interiors and still life subjects are some options and they can range from food, to flowers in a vase, to pots in the kitchen sink.  Inspirational possibilities for paintings are boundless.  Painters look for colors, values and shapes to compose their paintings and there are no subject limitations to what artists perceive as interesting or beautiful.

Daniel Corey recently won two awards, People’s Choice Award and Second Place, at a statewide exhibition titled “Art In Maine”.  It was held at the Boothbay Regional Art Foundation and juried by Connie Hayes. 

Sarah Faragher has been the Artist in Residence at Acadia National Park during October/ November this year.  Some paintings from this Residency will be exhibited at Landing Gallery during her during her solo show in June 2016. 

Monique Lazard’s 2015 awards include Artistic Merit Award for the 6th annual “Nature and Wildlife Exhibit” at the St. Augustine Art Association and a Certificate of Merit Award for “Paint Me Miami” held in Miami, FL.  Her work is included in Spectrum Miami during Art Basel in December and she was juried into the Chalkhill Artist Residency in Healdsburg, CA during July. 

Björn Runquist has recently returned from a September painting trip to France.  His well known plein air paintings have been a fixture in the Mid Coast area for decades and he exhibits throughout Maine, Connecticut and New York. 

The exhibit will continue through December 24th, gallery hours are TUES – SAT, 11-5, closed on SUN & MON. 

FMI call 207 239-1223 and please like us on Facebook.

1. "Fireside Chat" by Daniel Corey  12" x 12" Oil/Canvas  2. "All the Donuts" by Daniel Corey 16" x 20" Oil/Canvas  3. "Thats Bananas" by Daniel Corey  8" x 10" Oil/Canvas

1.  Fresh Today by Björn Runquist  12" x 16"oil/canvas     2.  Gesture by Björn Runquist  8" x 10" oil/canvas

3.  Black Eyed Susans & Snap Dragons by Björn Runquist  8" x 6" oil/canvas    4.  Flamenco by Björn Runquist  8" x 10" oil/canvas

409 Main STREET • ROCKLAND • MAINE • 04841 • 207-239-1223


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