Opening Reception, Friday, June 5th  5-8pm
In our new location  •  409 Main St. •  Rockland

Fall view to Castine, from Fletcher Hill, Stockton Springs, ME

oil/canvas, 8” x 8”, 2012, $350

Morning view to the Barred Islands, from Bear Island, Maine oil/canvas, 10” x 18” 2014, $500

Sailing, Stonington, Maine oil/canvas, 12” x 12”, 2014, $450

Morning view to Bois Bubert Island, Steuben, Maine oil/canvas, 20” x 20”, 2014, $900

Fall view to Mount Desert Island, from Fletcher Hill, Stockton Springs, Maine

oil/canvas, 8” x 10”, 2014, $350

Islands east of Pigeon Hill, Steuben, Maine oil/panel, 12” x 16”, 2010, $500

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New Paintings ~ Solo Exhibit

Opening Reception, Friday, July 3rd  5-8pm

New location  •  409 Main St. •  Rockland

Himinglaeva  8” x 10”  oil on canvas  2015  $850

Getting Ready, Spring  16” x 20”  oil on canvas  2015  $2,400

Bára  30” x 40”  oil on canvas  2015  $5,400

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Artist Statement: These paintings are not “marine scapes” so much as portraits of crashing waves, almost like characters in a story,  based on plein-air studies.  I found Norse mythology a rich resource for the names of these different characters

In Norse mythology the sea gods Aegir and Rán preceded all others.  They had 9 daughters who all represented different kinds of waves.  They were:

Bára (or Drönn) – foam flecked wave

Blódughadda – (the one with bloody hair – the color of red sea foam after a battle)

Bylgia - (billow or big wave)

Dúfa – the pitching wave

Himinglaeva – the clear wave that reflects the sky or light

Hefring – The surging wave

Hrönn -  the grasping wave

Kólga – the chilling wave

Unn - wave


New Paintings ~ Solo Exhibit

Opening Reception, Friday, Aug 7  5-8pm

(New location)     409 Main St. •  Rockland

Irma has always been fascinated with color and her primary interest in painting is focused on color relationships.  Her work has the ability to be seen simultaneously as landscape and abstract paint surface.  This perception of her work creates a duality which holds our attention while we digest different realities of her painting.  She strives to produce a compelling visual experience in its own right, rather than convey information or illustrate an idea.

She received her formal training at the Academy of Art and the School of the Art Institute, both in Chicago, IL. Irma maintained a studio in New York City until 1985 and her paintings are in numerous private, corporate and institutional collections in the United States and Europe.  Currently her principal affiliation is with Landing Gallery in Rockland, Maine.


Ihme Roloven

La Crosse 4

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Nova Scotia 26

Nova Scotia 29


Landing Gallery, 409 Main Street in Rockland is pleased to announce a new exhibit, “REFLECTIONS”, opening on Friday, October 2 – 31.  This exhibit is a two person collaboration of new work by Dorothy Simpson Krause and Merike van Zanten.  The artists will give a gallery talk on Friday, October 2nd at 4:30PM, preceding the artists’ opening reception, 5 – 8 PM.


Dorothy Simpson Krause is a well known painter, collage artist, print maker and Professor Emeritus at Massachusetts College of Art.  Her work has received numerous awards and is in the collection of more than thirty museums and public art installations.  Dorothy uses an image layering technique to build a complex and dynamic mixed media artwork.  Pigment transfer prints with aluminum, steel, canvas and encaustic are combined in various ways to complete each work.  “My work embeds archetypal symbols and fragments of image and text in multiple layers of texture and meaning.  My art-making is an integrated mode of inquiry that links concept and media in an ongoing dialogue – a visible means of exploring meaning.”


Merike van Zanten is a mixed media artist. Her work is found in private press books and in museum, university and private collections. Her work in this exhibition uses a process known as Eco printing.  It is the process of making leaf prints on different papers or fabrics using heat and pressure.  Van Zanten also expands on the Eco printing process by combining prints with other natural materials like small branches, natural dyes and natural fabrics.  There is no use of commercial paint or ink which makes her work environmentally friendly.  Her work is inspired by and created with organic materials from Mother Nature.  “I like working with natural materials, found objects and metals.  Usually I don’t have a plan, and let the materials take me to places known and unknown and vice versa.”


“Artist’s possess a mirror like ability to interpret our world in different ways.  Our individual sense of vision becomes a unique filter, distilling essential and favorable details that become our inspiration and response to nature.  Through our creative experience and the art that follows, we can express our personal, soul filled, feelings.  Art becomes a reflection, a manifestation of our unique personal lens that others can see, interpret and appreciate.” ~ Bruce Busko, President, Landing Gallery ~ FMI or 207 239-1223

"Eucalyptus & Wild Grasses" by Merike Van Zanten  12" x 12"  Eco Print on Cotton & Wool

"Autumn"  by Merike Van Zanten  20" x 20" Red Leaves Felted into Merino Wool on Silk, Overprinted w/fresh Leaves & Saggar-Fired Porcelain Pieces

"Fern & Eucalyptus"  by Merike Van Zanten  6" x 6"  Eco Print on Cotton

"Shadows"  by Dorothy Simpson Krause  20" x 20"  Pigment Print on Canvas with Encaustic on Canvas

"Barren"  by Merike Van Zanten  20" x 20" ECP Printed Silk Under Leaves & Twigs Felted into Merino Wool on Silk,  Saggar Fired Porcelain Rods


409 Main STREET • ROCKLAND • MAINE • 04841 • 207-239-1223


“2016 SEASON INVITATIONAL”, May 6 – May 21.  New works by Scott Baltz, Andrew Anderson-Bell, Roberta Baumann, Bruce Busko, Daniel Corey, Sarah Faragher, Brian Krebs, Monique Lazard, Paul Noel, Björn Runquist, Marni Sinclair, Robert Stebleton, Liliana Thelander & J.M. Wilde are included in the exhibition.  The Artists’ Opening Reception will be held on Friday, May 6th from 5-8 PM during Rockland’s first Friday art walk for 2016.


“October Surf, View to Monhegn from Marshall Point, Port Clyde, Maine” oil/linen, 16” x 24”, $950, by Sarah Faragher.   More Sarah - click here

“Evening, Spruce Head, Maine” oil/linen, 18” x 18”, $1600, by Bruce Busko

“Water #4, Megunticook” oil/panel ,18” x 18”, $2000, by Brian Krebs

“Sunset Clouds”  pastel, 8” x 10”, $450, by Andrew Anderson-Bell

“Pastel Setting” oil/linen, 23” x 38”, $4500, by Scott Baltz

“Two Tulips” archival photograph, by Roberta Baumann


“POSTCARDS FROM HOME”, a solo exhibition of new oil paintings by Sarah Faragher and “PASSAGES: TIME & THE SEA”, a solo exhibit of twenty seven new ceramic boats by David Riley Peterson from May 24 – June 26.  The Artists’ Opening Reception will be held this Friday, June 3rd, from 5-8 PM during Rockland’s first Friday art walk.

Sarah Faragher’s oil paintings of Maine are painted on location and are defined in an objective manner, using gradations of color, a light to dark value range and closely observed natural details which have her signature, American Realist, style.


“I was born and raised on the coast of Maine, where there are pockets of glorious wildness that put everything else into perspective.  And that’s where I still live and work today.  I often think of my small paintings as postcards – brief messages from beautiful and difficult places – depicting noteworthy landscapes and ephemeral happenings.  Some of these landscapes I’m discovering now and some I’ve known all my life.  The latter encompass my earliest memories and remain of intense interest, in fact they only become more fascinating to me as the years pass.  They seem to exist outside of time, yet are simultaneously of the moment, now.  These are my home landscapes – home being a place of clarity and also of mystery, a real place and a dream, the view from my actual house and the metaphorical view, of an emotion, feeling, or memory.  I’ve been experimenting with the rectangular format, scaling the postcard up to a larger size, while attempting to retain the immediacy of the message.  Postcards, after all, often contain progress reports or statements of feeling, from a journey: messages about nature, history, longing, love, and comfort.  (Wish you were here.)  These are messages from where I live, wild plain places that get right down to the elemental nature of things – any old place, really, and at the same time, here.  Home.”  ~ Sarah Faragher


David Riley Peterson loves boats so much that he makes them in clay. His new solo exhibit has  twenty seven new ceramic boats. David is a graduate of the highly regarded Univ. of Fl. where he received his BFA in Ceramics/Sculpture. Many of his craft are some of Maine’s most iconic watercraft, such as the Dory or Pea-Pod. Other boats in the show of interest are several tug boats, a passenger ferry and the remains of old sunken ships.

“I grew up summering on Vinalhaven where my father was born. My Grandfather also lived on the island, across from the boat yard. Talk about a kid’s ultimate dreamland. The boats in this show will definitely make you smile or scratch your head says Dave. They always make me very happy while working on them ”.   ~ David Riley Peterson

“Evening Radiance” oil/linen, 24” x 36” by Sarah Faragher

“Late Day View to Islesboro, Maine” oil/panel , 9” x 12”

“Sam” ceramic, 18” x 9” x 14”

by David Riley Peterson

 David Riley Peterson with his ceramic lobster boat.

TWO HEARTS: TWO VISIONS”, July 1 – July 31”.  A two person exhibition of new oil paintings by Bruce Busko and new photographs by Roberta Baumann. The Artists’ Opening Reception will be held on Friday, July 1st, from 5-8 PM during Rockland’s first Friday art walk.


Roberta and Bruce frequently work side by side and this exhibit shows how two artists see the landscape and interpret the same subject differently.  Individual directions in their art are not limited by their proximity.  When comparing the same subject locations, their art reveals how each artist focuses on their unique creativity.


Bruce Busko is an exhibiting artist and Owner/ Director of Landing Gallery.  His work has been exhibited in his galleries since 1980 with a long list of additional Juried Shows, Invitational Exhibits and Awards.  He received his MFA from Pratt Institute and BFA from the Pennsylvania State University.

“During my frequent hikes, throughout Maine, I like to gather inspiration and visual information for my artwork. Nature walks and my outdoor experience become the first step for creating art in my studio.  Sketches, photos, memory and on site materials become the initial components of my painting process.  Each element lends its “specific flavor” to enrich my feeling for the subject. It can begin with a strong composition created by a low tide or perhaps the reflection of the sun and clouds in a calm body of water.  To seek is to find, is my motto.  Selecting what speaks to me is the core and the beginning of my creative experience.” – Bruce Busko

Roberta Baumann is an award winning fine art photographer.  She has been taking photographs all of her life and has embraced and mastered new equipment, processes, and techniques.  “Physically exploring space and light while maintaining an ideal histogram is exciting.  Once the subject is chosen, the fun really begins.  Additional processing and making the perfect, final print, is what I enjoy and get excited about.  Out in the field, I make decisions for framing the scene, what to leave in or out and decide what aspect of nature I want to capture.  Living in Maine offers many stimulating subjects from my backyard to an abandoned old mill, there is always something that intrigues me.  I find interiors and landscape equally gratifying to photograph.” – Roberta Baumann


Hours; Open 7 Days, 11-5 Mon - Sat & 12-5 Sun.  FMI: Please call 207 239-1223 or visit

"April Evening, Spruce Head, Maine"  Bruce Busko    Oil/Canvas 30" x 40"

"Low Tide, Spruce Head"  Roberta Baumann    Photograph    9” x 12”

"Birch Point Bathers"  Roberta Baumann   Photograph  8” x 8”

"Schoodic Point, Acadia N.P., Winter Harbor, Maine"  Bruce Busko    Oil/Canvas 10" x 20"

"Road Less Traveled"  Roberta Baumann   Photograph  9” x 12”

"Still Pond"  Roberta Baumann    Photograph     18” x 18”

Friday , July 1 ~ July 31




Monhegan 1

Schoodic Point 2

Dorset 4

Schoodic Point 3

Monhegan 8

Monhegan 20

Click here to see all of Irma’s new 2016 paintingsIrma_2016.html
“Land, Sea, Air”
Friday , August 5 ~ September 11

Landing Gallery, 409 Main St. in Rockland is pleased to announce the opening of “PLEIN AIR PAIRING”, an exhibition of new paintings by Monique Lazard and Tom Curry, opening on Friday, September 16 through October 29.  The Artists’ Opening Reception will be held on Friday, September 16th from 5-8 PM.


Monique’s landscape paintings have a sense of movement and are filled with a gestural energy.  She is a life long artist and has been painting since she was 10.  “I always have a sketch book with me to record my observations. During my teens I began taking back packing trips to the Sierras, which helped foster my love of nature.  Wherever I am, I find the local landscape to be an inspiring and fascinating subject for my painting.” 


Monique’s studies began as an undergraduate at the Academy of Art in San Francisco, she received her BA from the California College of Art and pursued graduate studies at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena.  She also studied with artists Nelson Shanks at Studio Incamminati, Stuart Shills and Alex Kanevsky at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia.


For the past 18 years, Tom has painted the landscape around his home in Maine.  “As a plein air painter, I immerse myself in landscape to explore the relationships between stillness and flux.  What we call a “place” is a paradox-it is not fixed but always changing: the light shifts from moment to moment, water is never still, clouds come and go.  I paint the interplay of light, island, sky and water as a metaphor and meditation on place and time, the dance between what we perceive as eternal and ephemeral.”


Tom Curry has a MS from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design and attended the Graduate Program at Yale University.  His work is in the collection of the Farnsworth Art Museum, Delaware Art Museum and the Wheaton College Museum.


Please join us Friday, September 16 from 5 – 8 pm for an artist’s reception with Monique Lazard and Tom Curry.


Hours: Tue - Sat 11– 5, closed on Sun & Mon. For more information please call 207 239-1223 or visit

"Warren Island Moorings" by Monique Lazard, Oil on Canvas 16" x 20"

"Acadia Breakers" by Monique Lazard, Oil on Canvas 16" x 20"

"Calm Waters Dawn" by Tom Curry, Oil on Panel 36" x 42"

 "Acadia Morning Mist" by Tom Curry, Oil on Panel 16" x 20"

Monique Lazard and Tom Curry
Friday, September 16 ~ October 29

NOV 4 – DEC 18


Landing Gallery, 409 Main St. in Rockland continues “ESTATE SALE” through December 18.  Wine and cheese will be served during the Friday, November 25th Art Walk, from 5 till 8 PM, which will be the last art walk of the 2016 season.  Art, antiques and vintage collectibles are offered at extremely affordable prices, just in time for Holiday gift giving.  Bids are welcome and all reasonable offers will be considered.


You will find a treasure trove collection of more than 300 items.  Including paintings by Siri Beckman, Bruce Busko, Janet Ledoux, Colin Page, Andrea Peters, Maude Olsen, Eugene Quinn, Bjorn Runquist and Jane Ryan.  There is a large collection of new (some signed) and antique Art Books.  Victorian oak furniture including a high chair, two child’s chairs, a cradle and a 54” round dining table with two extensions.  There are many new and antique signed etchings, photographs and posters, cameras, silver and diamond jewelry, kerosene lamps and a large assortment of vintage and antique home accessory items.  For those of the light of heart, a cornucopia of whimsical items awaits you.


Hours: Weds - Sat 11– 5, closed on Sun, Mon & Tues. For more information please call 207 239-1223 or visit


New Works by Scott Baltz, Andrew Anderson-Bell, Roberta Baumann, Bruce Busko,

Tom Curry, Sarah Faragher, Brian Krebs, Monique Lazard, Marlene Loznicka,

Björn Runquist, Robert Stebleton, Liliana Thelander, Jill Valliere & J.M. Wilde

May 5 – May 21 • Opening Reception, Friday, May 5th, 5 – 8 PM


Solo Exhibit by Sarah Faragher

May 26 – June 25 • Opening Reception, Friday, June 2nd, 5 – 8 PM


New Work by Roberta Baumann, Bruce Busko & Jill Valliere

June 30 – July 30 • Opening reception, Friday, July 7th, 5 – 8 PM


Solo Exhibit by Irma Cerese

Aug 4 – Sept 10 • Opening Reception, Friday, Aug 4th, 5 – 8 PM


New Paintings by Tom Curry, Monique Lazard, Björn Runquist,

Sept 1 – Oct 15 • Opening Reception, Friday, Sept 1, 5 – 8 PM


Art, Antiques and Collectibles

Nov 15 – Dec 23 • Opening Reception, Friday, Nov 24th, 5 – 8 PM

(During the Festival of Lights Celebration)



Roberta Baumann  “October”  Archival Photograph  12” x 12”

Roberta Baumann  “Earth Gesture”  Archival  Photograph   12” x 12”

Bruce Busko  “Daybreak: 6:00 AM”  oil/canvas  18”x18”

Marlene Loznicka “ Black Rocks II” oil  24”x31”

Scott Baltz  “East Meets West” oil on panel  11”x14”

Susan Wahlrab  “First Blush - Revisited” watercolor on archival clayboard  30”x30”

Susan Wahlrab  “Barnacle watercolor on archival clayboard  12”x12””

We are pleased to announce the opening of “WATER & STONE: SCHOODIC & MOUNT DESERT ISLAND”, a solo exhibit of new paintings by Sarah Faragher from May 26 – June 25.  Sarah will be present at the Artist’s Opening Reception if you would like to meet and talk with her.  The Reception will be held on Friday, June 2nd, from 5-8 PM during Arts In Rockland’s first Friday art walk. 


Sarah Faragher is a 1990 graduate of Colby College, Magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa.  Her work was included in ART OF ACADIA by David Little and Carl Little, published in 2016 by Down East Books.  Sarah was a 2015 Artist-in-residence at Acadia National Park, a 2008 Artist-in-residence at the Weir Farm National Historic Site in Wilton, Connecticut and has been invited to participate, numerous times, in Art Week on Great Spruce Head Island.

“Water and stone.  It feels impossible not to consider them, and how they shape one another, in and around Acadia National Park.  Depending on circumstance, they can each appear to be the stronger of the two elements.  Yet with close observation, I see that they take turns in their dynamic relationship, and create a complementary wholeness between them.  This wholeness is what I seek when I go out to paint, and in my home landscapes around Frenchman’s Bay I consistently find it.  I was born on Mount Desert Island, and the place imprinted me with definite ideas about the world and about beauty – and not just the easily beautiful.  Instead, again, that completeness of experience, a totality.  This explains in part my abiding interest in the sunlit tops of ledges as well as their shadowy sides, and in the sparkling crest of the wave with its accompanying dark trough, both in real life and as metaphor (Et in Arcadia Ego).”


“I moved away from Mount Desert Island when I was still a child, and ever since then it has felt like a lost Eden.  But in recent years, returning to paint the landscape set some stopped part of me back into motion.  And this could turn out to be a lifelong subject, since the more deeply I look, the better it gets.  Especially at Schoodic, where the elemental is particularly insistent.  I love to be there, out on what feels like the edge of everything, participating in nature.  Paradise lost is sweeter regained.”


“My paintings are memoirs of my experiences with nature.  Through painting I participate in the landscape, recognize transcendent moments in nature, honor the integrity of natural forms, and describe where my heart lives.  I often feel as if the places I paint have commissioned me to tell their autobiographies, at the same time that I tell my own.” 


Please join us in the gallery.  Hours: Wed – Sat 11-5 & Sun 12-5, Closed Mon & Tue. 

FMI 207 239-1223,






Sarah Faragher  “8 a.m. Schoodic Point, Maine” oil/linen 18” x 24”  $1000

Sarah Faragher  “Radiance, Rising Tide, Schoodic, Maine” oil/linen 10” x 10”  $450